Mobile Interpreting System (Infoport)

It may not be necessary to set up interpretation booths for small meetings such as board meetings or in-house meetings. We can instead provide interpretation via mobile interpreting equipment, known as infoport, that requires no advance installation.

It may not always be possible or practical to set up simultaneous interpreting booths and equipment, due to the size of the venue or low audience numbers. When interpretation is required at events such as a press conference at an exhibition, or a visit to a production facility, the best solution is a mobile interpreting system.

This mobile system, known as “infoport”, is made up of two pieces of equipment: a transmitter and a receiver. The speaker speaks into a microphone that is connected to a transmitter. The interpreter provides (simultaneous) interpretation into a microphone that is connected to a second transmitter. Participants wishing to listen to the interpretation connect their headphones to a receiver, enabling them to follow the speech in the other language. This system is generally used when there is a small number of participants and for situations where participants are on the move, such as factory inspections or workplace trainings.