Multilingual Web Conferencing

What is KUDO?

KUDO is a cloud-based solution for over-the-web meetings and video conferencing in multiple languages. Attendees can participate in webinars, web meetings and training sessions, share content and collaborate globally. KUDO streams real-time language interpretation to participants’ smartphones and computers, so everyone can join in their own language from anywhere. Attendees are able to cast votes and voice their ideas while the meeting unfolds.

Enterkon as KUDO Partner

  • Enterkon became a KUDO partner in 2020. Enterkon provides a one-stop-shop for its clients, offering interpretation services as well as a platform for multilingual online meetings.
  • In addition to fully virtual meetings, Enterkon also provides videoconferencing and interpretation services for hybrid meetings where some participants are on-site while others connect remotely.
  • Enterkon’s KUDO operators and trainers provide training about the KUDO platform prior to meetings and technical support during meetings to ensure a seamless virtual experience for all. Our operators and trainers speak Turkish, English, French and German.
  • Enterkon has a dedicated hub in Istanbul, Turkey which consists of two physical conference rooms equipped with interpretation booths. Wire broadband and full wi-fi redundancy, UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and  support by trained technicians and operators ensure the highest possible quality of audio and video at all times.

Advantages of KUDO

  • Easy access: Join from any smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Cloud-based: KUDO’s cloud-based technology makes it affordable and easy to hold meetings anywhere, any time in any language, conveniently and professionally.
  • Accessible interface: KUDO’s user interface is available in various languages, including English, Turkish, French, German, Arabic and Russian.
  • Multilingual: KUDO can accommodate up to 32 languages per meeting. Interpreters can take relay from other languages and can hear both the floor and the interpretation simultaneously. There is also a special screen for sign language interpretation.
  • Scalable: Users can attend small, informal meetings with a handful of participants, as well as seminars with hundreds of participants.
  • Polls: You can choose from multiple-choice polls or parliamentary type vote formats and get pie chart, bar chart or numeric results displays.
  • Live HD Video: KUDO offers a WebRTC-enabled system with intelligent audio fallback to ensure the best video and sound quality.
  • Secure: KUDO is GDPR compliant and has been approved as FedRAMP Ready by US governmental agencies.
  • Proven track record: The companies and institutions who chose KUDO include the United Nations, Word Bank Group, Council of Europe, NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Facebook, US Airforce, Airbnb, Thomson Reuters and International Telecommunication Union.

For more information and a quote on remote interpreting services on the KUDO Platform, please contact us.