More than 30 years of experience



30 years of experience in conference interpreting…

Enterkon was founded in Istanbul in 1987 by 16 conference interpreters. It is the first professional company of its kind in Turkey and is now the country’s leading conference interpreting company. Enterkon provides a professional working environment for meeting organizers and interpreters.

Enterkon offers simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting and whispering (chuchotage) services in a number of languages including Turkish, English, French and German.

The company’s interpreters work in multilingual political and technical conferences, press conferences, meetings, training programs and seminars in various sectors that require specialization such as law, medicine, pharmaceuticals, telecommunication, IT, energy, banking and finance.

All of Enterkon’s interpreters are members of TKTD, the Conference Interpreters Association of Turkey. In addition, many of them are members of AIIC, the International Association of Conference Interpreters; membership to this association is seen as the mark of quality in the interpretation world. They are also accredited by international institutions such as the European Union, Council of Europe, NATO, OECD, United Nations, World Bank, IMF, ICSID and the World Economic Forum.

Enterkon is a pioneer and leader in conference interpreting with 28 years of experience in this sector. Enterkon offers its customers:

• Experienced, specialized and dynamic conference interpreters in Turkish-English and other language combinations
• Access to more than 2900 AIIC conference interpreters from around the world
• Renowned conference interpreters some of whom are professors in their field and teach in academic institutions
• A proactive, professional and solution-oriented team
• Experienced and efficient secretariat

Enterkon’s priority is not commercial gain, but offering its customers outstanding services with the most qualified team by focusing on quality and precision in interpretation. In addition to its (oral) interpreting services, Enterkon offers (written) translation services through its sister company Entra Translation which has a strong translator and editor base.