Finding the Right Partner for Language Services in Virtual Meetings

The pandemic has forced the language services industry to change at an unprecedented speed. Companies which have always provided interpreting services and equipment with the same technology and skills have found themselves in a whole new world that revolves around remote interpretation. Many companies and institutions that organize meetings began to request new services from their suppliers.

Where and how can you get the right language services – especially at a time when it is necessary to work with new service providers and suppliers? If you are going to host virtual meetings with interpretation, you can take some steps to avoid problems.

Platform: First of all, determine exactly what you want. Before purchasing language services, it is very important that you provide enough information about the date, duration, subject and, most importantly, the format of the meeting. Work with a company to help you choose the video conferencing system best suited for your online meeting. Many interpretation companies use platforms such as KUDO, Zoom, Interprefy and MS Teams. Ask the interpreters you are considering how much experience they have with these systems. Some online interpretation and meeting platforms, such as KUDO, certify interpreters based on their experience and knowledge level.

Technical infrastructure: Ask the conference interpreters what kind of technical infrastructure they will use. Will they be connecting from a studio or hub built specifically for virtual meetings? Such hubs have fast internet, redundant connections, uninterruptible power supply and soundproofing to minimize technical problems. In addition, they have technicians to provide technical support to both the interpreters and the participants in case of problems.

Working conditions: Conference interpreters work according to specific working conditions developed through years of experience. Interpreting is a difficult task where interpreters listen to the speaker while simultaneously expressing the message in another language. Additional factors in online meetings such as connectivity problems, poor audio quality, limited visual messages and inability to see the speaker’s body language make it more difficult for interpreters. Therefore, interpreters as well as participants may need to take more frequent breaks. It may also be necessary to keep the daily working hours shorter or to work with more interpreters.

Be realistic: Do not expect to find interpreters who have 200 days of work experience in uranium mining in tropical climates on virtual platforms with interpretation. What you really need is a flexible conference interpreter who takes their job seriously and has the necessary technical knowledge and equipment.

Online meetings and hybrid events, where some participants are present in-person and others are online, have become a permanent part of our lives. Finding the right partner is essential for the success of virtual meetings. You can organize smooth and efficient virtual meetings with an experienced language service provider such as Enterkon.