Meeting Solutions

Face-to-face Meetings

Do you need interpretation in a meeting where everyone is in the same room? Let us provide you with the infrastructure solutions for interpretation in line with the meeting venue, number of participants and format. You can get one-stop interpretation services from Enterkon including interpretation booths, portable simultaneous interpretation equipment, technical support and competent conference interpreters.

We work at face-to-face meetings such as conferences, project meetings, board meetings, press conferences, product launches, dealer meetings, workshops and focus groups.

Hybrid Meetings

Do you have a meeting with interpretation where some of the participants will connect remotely and others will be physically in the meeting room?

Enterkon can offer you various options and an end-to-end interpreting infrastructure for hybrid meetings. Let’s work together to determine which interpretation platform you should use, what equipment you need and whether the interpreters should connect to the meeting remotely.

Our hybrid meeting solutions combine our solutions for face-to-face and online meetings. We provide the opportunity to organize environment-friendly meetings that reach more participants at a lower cost.

Online Meetings

Do you have a board or company meeting where people connect remotely and do not share a common language? You can book an interpretation platform for the duration of the meeting. We can provide you the interpreters and our platform operators who speak Turkish, English and French to provide technical support to your participants.

KUDO is a cloud-based solution for multilingual virtual meetings and video conferencing.

You can remove the language barrier in your meetings with MS Teams.

The simultaneous interpretation feature of Zoom, the most commonly used online meeting app in the world, enables you to follow meetings in any language.

Boostlingo helps you remove language barriers in online and hybrid meetings without a limit on the number of participants.

Interactio, which you can access from computers and mobile devices, can be used for interpretation services in online or hybrid meetings.